About Us

GARRA is a dynamics and innovating Spanish company founded in Madrid in 1972 by Gabriel Ruiz Almansa. He managed to gather an exceptional team of craftsmen orthopaedist shoemakers, entering with force into the footwear industry under the name GARRA CALZADO ORTOPÉDICO, SL.
During all these years, Almansa kept broadening his knowledge and became designer of its own models. With hard work, dedication and the help of his collaborators (among them, his wife and three sons), Garra broke into the local, provincial and national markets.

Once settled into the footwear industry, Almansa realized the potential of the outdoor and climbing industry, whose market in constant evolution demands audacious and comfortable climbing shoes at an affordable price.

Attracted by the idea, he decided to get together the best professionals of the climbing shoes industry in Spain.


This with his knowledge and experience allowed the sep up of GARRA CLIMBING SHOES, SL. in 2001, a new trade mark with highly qualified personnel, years of experience and enormous expanding project.

Garra participates in the main Spanish and European outdoor trade fairs, being continuously aware of the technological advances of the industry in order to anticipate the climbers’ demands. Thereby, in 2004 Garra introduced the SAI (Spanish for Internal cushioning system), a revolutionary anatomical innersole designed to increase comfort and security while climbing. In 2005, the Garra team brought out the SCARPEX rear, a new desing made of rubber which provides an extraordinary adherence and security in the most demanding heel hookings.

Thanks to the continuous research of our team, Garra has been able to design the more comfortable climbing shoes avaible in the market. It encourages us to continue innovating and making the wonderful sport of climbing easier, safer and more fun.

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