• When choosing your climbing shoes, try the slippers in both foot, well tighten the laces (or Velcro bands) exerting pressure in each foot at a time, leaned against a fixed obstacle or foothold. Should fit tight and comfortable, but not painful, in order to reduce finger injuries. You will obtain high performance without being mortified.

• It is very important to keep your climbing shoes always clean by rubbing any dirt off with a cloth dampened with water first and afterwards with alcohol. If some dirtiness is still remaining rub them with a soft wire brush. They will be prepared for next adventure. Never store them without cleaning.

• After a time of inactivity, make sure the rubber sole is perfectly clean, rub it with a wire brush or sandpaper, you will avoid shine what will improve adherence.
During transport or in storage, insert a shoetree into the climbing shoes or at least stuff them with newspaper to avoid deformation. Never twist or step on them, they will deform.

• Never expose your climbing shoes to high temperatures nor put them next to the windows when the car is in the sun. Let them dry away from fire.

• If you have to change the soles, bear in mind they must be resoled with "Garra Adhesión" rubber. If you want to change them yourself, first sand the old ones strongly, put contact glue, wait for the recommended time and then stick the new soles on by pressing until they are perfectly joined. Cut off the surplus parts.
In any case we can do this work for you, contact us or your distributor, we will repair your climbing shoes and guarantee reparation.